Benefits of automating your data processing and reporting, and why it is critical.

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Richard Ashton

October 21, 2020
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To automate, or not to automate...

The collection and processing of data, and the production of business reporting can often be a slow manual process fraught with danger.  There are many online stories of huge companies losing vast sums of money, or worse by making manual errors.  Below are some of the benefits of how moving away from manual activities can be beneficial.


Improved accuracy and efficiency by reporting off consolidated data.  Eradicate errors, streamline effort and get results at the click of a button.  Automate processing, building in data quality checks so you can be 100% confident in the information you are seeing.  One version of the truth, enriching the data to provide analytical abilities.


Moving to a database set up, enables you to build in security during the collection and publication of data.  This can be done in anything from Microsoft Access to cloud based solution, whichever suits your needs.  This can be built at row level (so only someone with specific access can see the row of data) and at application level (user access to the individual reports or overall solution).


Flexible access to reporting dashboards and insights at the click of a button.  Share results across departments, sites, countries or with clients and suppliers.  Everyone sees the same information at the same time, creating a pro-active dynamic decision-making culture.

These are all achievable without requiring a great deal of investment of time or money, and small changes can have a have immediate impact on your business operation.  Whether it’s a process improvement leading to time and cost saving, or the identification and research of sales opportunities by analysing extracts of open source or social media data.

Think of data as information, information = knowledge, knowledge = power.
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