J D Wetherspoon

Founded in 1979 by Tim Martin, the company operates nearly 900 pubs, including the chain of Lloyds No.1 bars, and a growing number of Wetherspoon hotels.

About the JDW Case Study

Businesses with fast moving products resulting in inefficient and inaccurate re-stocking. Review of the current reporting provided indicated a long delay in accessing the data needed on-site. Resulting in over ordering new stock or running out of stock across the network.

The Challenge
For a business to respond in time to their customers’ needs they need to know what they want, and when.  They then need a fast and accurate response from those delivering the stock.

The Solution

  • Automated data collection of Data from the Point of Sale and Stock systems captures. Detailing what products have been purchased, rates of purchase and in what quantity for each customer site.
  • Dashboard developed, to condense data into critical insights. Highlighting areas of high or low stock.
  • Development of Algorithm to predict how long current stock levels will last. Enabling the management of the remaining stock allow for accurate re-ordering.
  • Up to the minute reporting available 24/7 for each site.

Replacing 2.5 days of data collection, transformation report creating into an automated solution.

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